1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary

I have so many emotions about the 1st Anniversary of Light Your Life Tees. This year has been a wild ride. I have learned so much about myself throughout this process. I found a fearlessness in me that I did not really know I had in me.

This business started out of my life of never feeling good enough. I felt the need for perfection in my life and when I did not achieve that said perfection, I felt like a failure. I also had a husband who fed that feeling. He was always saying if I would do, X, Y and Z, then I would be good enough. Those two factors combined made for me feeling like I was not worthy at all.  Anxiety and depression ruled this life of mine.

When I finally got to the rock bottom breaking point, I started to change my perspective and began loving myself.  I felt this huge burden lift from me. I had no idea what self- love and acceptance felt like. It was a beautiful thing. I knew that other women had to have felt the way I did and I was passionate about helping other women.

I ruminated over what kind of help I could give. I started thinking about t-shirts and how they are a great way to tell a story. I started thinking about the designs I wanted to start with. It was the 5 things that were missing in my life for so long. So, I created: I am Confident, I am Enough, I am Fearless, I am Strong and I am Worthy. I did not feel that I was any of those things for most of my life.

So, I had these designs and I knew I wanted to get them out there. I thought about creating a website to sell them. That thought terrified me. I mean, to do that meant that I had to put myself out there and be vulnerable. I hadn’t even told my family or closest friends that I was even doing any of this.  Vulnerability is definitely one of the things I constantly have to work on. So, I finally  just took the plunge, went in head first and set up the website, got the designs on t-shirts and told my family and friends all about it.

I was so afraid of what people would think. Did they think I was crazy for trying to do something like this? What is no one liked the designs? What if I FAILED?  But then I was overcome with the thought: but what if I SUCCEED??

Aug 1, 2018 was a life changing day. I have had so many amazing stories shared with me by women I have known a long time and some strangers sharing their stories with me. I have cried with these women as they share and supported them as they rise back up. They thanked me for sharing my story and allowing them to feel like they are not alone in all of this. This is the REASON I started all of this.

Wearing an Empowering T-shirt is Confidence Boosting, It is Healing, It is Uplifting, It is Inspiring. Not just to the wearer of the shirt but also to all you interact with. Wearing your story to share your story has a trickle down effect. People reading your shirt also get those benefits!

I am truly humbled by the love and support I have gotten from the people close to me and the followers on social media. I have the best tribe a girl could ask for. What I want is to reach those out to all  that are hurting, feeling empty and alone in their journeys. They need to know that they are loved, special and enough just as they are. Help me spread the word of Light Your Life Tees. All women need to understand their worth. Keep sharing posts from the social media sites and the website. It’s a great way to spread the love that Light Your Life Tees is all about.

Thanks again for the love my friends. We are all in this thing called life together.

Much Love


Creator, Light Your Life Tees

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