Appreciate the Little Things

Appreciate the Little Things

Insights from a night of live music, drinks, family and love....


Appreciate each moment, however inconsequential it may seem at the time.  It’s the small little that really are the BIG things.


Live life with no regrets. Regrets are Heartbreaking. We have all made mistakes but we learn and grow from them. Don’t dwell and regret. Learn and grow.


Love unapologetically- this is huge. Love with all that you are. You never know when the last moment will be.


Be true to you. Be your authentic self. Love hard, laugh, sing, dance, be silly.... did I say laugh? Being and accepting your true authenticity is needed for self love. This is life. If you don’t love yourself,  no one else will be able to.


Life has thrown me some hardballs lately and you need to appreciate everything. Don’t miss one single thing. The little things are the big things. Seriously... that sunrise, that beautiful song , the bird singing. These are the things make life beautiful. Stop waiting for that big thing to appreciate.


Treasure friendship. That is something special. True friendship is rare and so beautiful. To have someone that loves you and accepts you for exactly who you are.... that is beautiful and embrace it.


Love, love and love.... that it it. Love and acceptance Is the foundation of a full and happy life❤️❤️❤️



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