Are you wearing a mask?

Are you wearing a mask?

I really felt the need to write tonight. Today, something unexpected and beautiful happened. While I was at work, a woman approached me. She is not someone I directly work with and I only know her to say "hello". She asked if we could talk for a moment. She stated that she went to my website and she loved the shirts. Of course, that made me really happy. I like knowing that my designs are inspiring women. But what was the most beautiful part of the story is this next part. She said she had read my blog posts and that they touched her. She was glad I was sharing my story to let other's know that they are not alone in their journey. 

She said something along the lines of thinking that you know someone from their outward presentation and actions. That someone can look so pulled together and happy go lucky. She said she thought that I always looked happy and positive and would have never known that there were very dark times in my life. I spent many years feeling sad, depressed, anxious, unworthy, fearful... the list goes on. I honestly can say most people in my life had no clue of the pain I was suffering from. I wore this mask so well. Looking pulled together for the world and falling apart inside. It is an exhausting charade to keep up.

This just validates why I started Light Your Life Tees. I know firsthand how alone you can feel in the duringt the bad times. The struggle and the pain that you feel. The wanting to share it with someone to lessen the burden  but too afraid of feeling judged and not accepted.

I am once again humbled by another, sharing a bit of her story and her listening to a bit of mine. A connection I did not expect to make today and I was certainly blessed by it. I do not know her well but I feel a connection with her now. She is now a part of my tribe.

Take a moment today to truly think about the people you see daily. Do you really know them? Get to know them on a deeper level. You might be surprised at what you find.... it might just be a hidden stroy just waiting to be shared with someone who understands. 

Light Someone's Life today. You won't regret it.


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