Be authentically You

Be authentically You

A few years ago, I started Light Your Life Tees creating positive reminder t-shirts that would prompt women to think something positive about themselves or their lives. I knew from personal experience that that as you repeat thoughts in your mind, they become beliefs. And when you wear certain shirts multiple times, they became engrained.
The most important person you can be is yourself. And when you reflect on who you are, what do you see?
Are you happy with the thoughts and beliefs that dominate your mind? Are the things that play in your head helping you or hindering?
Are you allowing what you think to define who you are? Do you let thoughts define how you feel about yourself?
I try to be authentic and genuine in my daily interactions with people and in the way I hold myself and live every day. If I'm not being real and true to myself, how can I expect others to be real and true to themselves around me? As hard as it is for me to admit, for a long time I wasn't being real with myself. There were just so many things in life that weren't "good enough."
The opinions of others. Not making enough money. Being the right weight. Not having enough experience. Never feeling smart or good enough.
I see now how damaging negative self-talk can be. How it affects my relationships, my happiness and so much more.
But it doesn't have to be that way. Whether it's in business or interacting with friends, family or co-workers, there are so many ways we can make our lives better with positive thinking and self love.

Much Love.


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