Make Your Life Beautiful

Make Your Life Beautiful

A beautiful life is not about conforming to what others think, and how you should feel. It's about being yourself, following your heart and living your life in a way that brings you and those around you happiness and joy.

What if happiness was something that we could all create? Something that we could give to each other, starting with the ways we think of ourselves?

Our lives would be infinitely more beautiful if we cherished our own uniqueness and embraced our own light. You are made up of light, a magnificent being in your own right. The same light that created the mighty universe, contains unlimited potential within you.

Light Your Life Tees is a collection of sayings that speak to all these things. I created this brand, after a particularly long period of darkness in my own life. In just the last few years, I've felt myself growing into a person I love more and more with each passing day.

The seeds for this brand were planted during my childhood, when I first started writing down positive messages on notebook paper. Those thoughts and my love of clothing got me to create Light Your Life Tees.

What are you waiting for? Go out & make your life beautiful☀️

Much Love,


Owner and Creator of Light Your Life Tees

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