The New Normal- Lessons Learned from 2020

The New Normal- Lessons Learned from 2020

This year has been crazy for everyone. There was nothing that could have prepared us for the things that we have had to acclimate to. I do know that I learned a lot about myself in the days of the pandemic, quarantine and social distancing.

These are the top things that have changed me and my prescpetive:

1. It's ok to slow down. I have always been that person that filled my days with busyness. Constantly on the go. And I have found that sometimes doing aboulutey nothing is exactly what you need.

2. Wearing makeup is overrated. My morning routine always consisted of putting on makeup and doing my hair. Now, I realize that my beauty is not defined by what color eyeliner I have on. Instead, I am more comforable in my own skin and know that true beauty comes from within.

3. Binging on Netflix is very satisfiying. I am convinced it should be classifed as a hobby. 

4. Home cooked meals are better than take out. I have always loved to cook but never felt like I had the time to do it a lot during the week. Now, without normal activities to go to, I cook more and I enjoy it. 

5. I have rediscovered books. I love reading and honestly haven't picked up an acutall book in a few years. There is nothing like flipping the pages of one and immersing yourself in it.

6. BIrd Watching... wait, don't judge me on this one. Since I have so much more free time now, I have grown accustomed to sitting on my porch every morning and watching for my feathered friends. There is something very peaceful about watching these little guys eat aand hearing their songs.  It is definitely a stress relieving activity.

7. Daily bubble baths... need I say more?

8. Appreciation of your signficant other. When you are just stuck indoors with that one person, you can either  dwell on the faults or you can admire them on a deeper level and be amazed by how wonderful they truly are. I didn't think I could get any closer to my fiance but I have. I thank Covid19 for that.

9. Taking time to actually love yourself and tune into what you really need.I think we all get so damn busy in life and we put ourselves on the backburner. This is the perfect time to find out what you need and do that. 

10, Friendships. They could either wither and fade in these circumstances or they can bloom and grow. Mine defintely bloomed and grew. Since we couldnt see each other face to face, facetime became my lifeline. Just seeing the face of my friend on the other end and hearing their voice instead of text made me feel like thee was some normalcy in the world. And with all that was going on in the world, our friendships deepned to a dfiferent level. I feel more connected to them now than I ever have.

11. Appreciation of all that you love. My cognizant approach to appreciating what you have was heightened. The fear of loss was more profound with all the fears of the virus.... and that is why I now feel like I treasure and cherish everything that much more.

I know we are still in the middle of  this and I hope it ends soon. But takeaways from this pandemic were life changing. Its a year we will never forget. 

Look Inward my friends and find what your soul needs. 


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