Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends

I am so excited to embark on this journey. I have been thinking about doing something creative with empowering women to be the best that they can be for a few years now. 

I just took the plunge and started designing some ideas for tee shirts. I know how it feels to feel not good enough, afraid, not worthy, the list could go on and on.  I spent most of my life feeling that way. Those emotions are exhausting, soul crushing and just plain hurtful to your being. 

 I had to do something, I could not keep going on feeling like this. I began what I called " My Journey of Change.”  It was not easy but I took steps daily to make positive changes in my life. It was little things at first and I built upon them. I started a metamorphosis from the inside out. I started to like myself for the first time in a very long time and that felt amazing. 

Light Your Life Tees comes from my heart. It is very special to me and I hope that these tee shirts can inspire you, empower you and lift you up. 

Be Fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. 



Owner, Light Your Life Tees 

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