About Light Your Life Tees

Light Your Life Tees was created from my heart. I have a strong desire to inspire and empower women to love themselves and realize that they are enough, just as they are.

I lived most of my life trying to measure up to these unattainable standards that are pushed in our faces daily, from social media, magazine articles and tv.. How to look 10 years younger, how to lose 10 pounds fast, how to be a better mom, how to be better organized. The list goes on. I just know that every day, I felt like I was failing... at everything. 

I finally got to a breaking point and decided to stop the noise and start taking care of me. I deserved to be treated better and that needed to start with me. I needed to stop beating myself up and being so hard on me. I did not have to be perfect. That is a hard pill to swallow.  It took a lot of work to retrain my thoughts. But I had to do it or risk losing "me" forever.

I want us all to feel worthy, loved, strong, fearless, confident. I started with these first 5 as they were the qualities I never thought I had. Then, after a lot of self-reflection I found that I did possess these qualities, I just never gave myself credit, as I know most of you do as well. 

I would love to hear from you. I know we all have our stories and our journeys. You can always reach me at lightyourlifetees@gmail.com

I hope to empower women one tee shirt at time.

Much Love,


Creator of Light Your Life Tees